​Hi, my name is Todd Ponich.  Photography has long been a passion of mine after recieving my first camera at the age of 16.  I have always been a Nikon shooter and continue to today.  My interests lay in wildlife photography but I am always pushing myself to try new things. Whether night photography, landscapes, or portrait work.  For a real job I am a fish and wildlife officer in the amazing province of Alberta.  You won't find me or my camera far from each other.  Bears form a major part of my responsibility as an officer and in my photography interests.

Part of my growing as a photographer is now the desire to take and do more portrait photos.  With time, I have expanded my equipment to include a studio setup, including backdrops.  I have various lighting setups.  If you are interested in personal or commerical work I am interested in talking to you. Bring your creative ideas and together we'll make them come alive.


If you are interested in purchasing any photo you see on this site please feel free to send me an email.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy!!

© 2016 Todd Ponich.

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